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  Edward Quist / Pansonic DVD
PTYT 009
Release : Soon

Ed Quist, American digital visual artist 1999 long form DVD of Pansonic in performance.
A brilliant abstract representation based on (& soundtracked to) close filming of Pansonic playing live.
It has been shown occasionally at film and music festivals, most notably at Sonar Festival

Kuvaputki, Finnish for Cathode Ray Tube, is the redux digital film of Edward Quist's 1999 documentary on Pan Sonic's dramatic "Round the World Tour." Now in 2007, Kuvaputki remerges as a hyper-real abstract reflection of the years since last century. Re-imagined and re-envisioned, the documentary core remains, but has been twisted and shaped in conjunction to Pan Sonic's improvisations taking on a new form and life. Vainio and Väisänen are immersed in the imagery of the cathode which seems to live and infect their physicality over the course of three parallel films until they merge with their own sound and into Quist's surreal and at times sinister vision.

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