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Charlemagne Palestine performs “Schlingen Blangen”
as a six-hour solo organ piece, & UK premiere.


Saturday 18th October 2008
Doors 3:15pm
Performance : 4pm to 10pm
St Giles-In-The-Fields Church, Central London
Map / Church Information & History
The church organ is recently fully restored and in a fine condition.

Please respect the building and the beliefs of its owners.
No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on the premises.

(St Giles is the Patron Saint of Outcasts)

£15 each
There are 120 balcony seats with a good view of Charlemagne playing the church organ.
First come, first served seat selection.
Advance Tickets Reservations email
Payment by Paypal only.
Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards

or you can choose £10 tickets
for ground floor Seats; restricted view.
First come, first served seat selection
Very good sound, but most of the pews are facing the altar, with organ above and behind your seat.
Advance Tickets Reservations email
Payment by Paypal only
Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards.

When I perform I prepare like a shaman.
I dress specially for each event.
A special shirt / special pants / special socks / special shoes / special scarves
I prepare an altar with my Muses, my Stuffed Animals, my Divinities, my Gods
My Intermediaries with the DIVINE !!!!!!!!!!
(IF they are toys, they are Sacred Toys)
........and I enter a Deep Trance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Interact ,Intersect, Interconnect with the UNIVERSE
Plugging directly into the FORCES OF NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used the word ""Trance"" alot for the feeling, and ""Continuum"" for the length
My works have always been Liquid Continuums
Sometimes simpler, sometimes complicated
Nothing to do with minimal
More often because of their emotional expansiveness unpredictablity and drama
""Maximal"" is a much better term.
I've always tried to "Squeeze" the Most out of my material, so minimal just never meant me.
Also as Groucho Marx used to say
"I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member"
I feel closer in my rituals and musics to Aborigines than i do to the "Young-Glass-Adams-Reichs"

Charlemagne Palestine (2008)

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Charlemagne Palestine
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